Taylor Swift Undergoing “Huge” Makeunder?

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Taylor Swift Makeunder

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Makeunder


Is Taylor Swift undergoing a “huge” makeunder? A tabloid is claiming to have “all the details,” but Gossip Cop actually found a number of falsehoods in the story.

“Are you ready for it?! Taylor Swift has had enough of being overly primped and preened and oversharing her private life,” OK! contends on its website. According to a so-called “source,” Swift is “in her own little bubble now. She knows she barely has to lift a finger for her new record to walk off the shelves and is refusing to attend red-carpet events or to give interviews unless it’s very tightly controlled.” That’s not exactly accurate. While it’s true Swift hasn’t given interviews to support Reputation, she has still done heavy promotion for it, with appearances on “SNL” and ABC’s “TGIT,” on top of surprise visits with fans and extensive social media postings.

But what would skipping red carpets and refraining from interviews have to do with a makeunder, anyway? The gossip magazine never says, but goes on to assert, “As seen in her recent ‘Saturday Night Live’ performance, the songstress has ditched the over-the-top pop star look and is going back to her country roots.” Except the photo shown of Swift wearing a sweatshirt and little to no makeup is actually from her last-minute appearance on “The Tonight Show,” which she did to support Jimmy Fallon after the death of his mother. For her “Call It What You Want” performance on “SNL,” Swift still had a “pop star look” with red lipstick and a cat eye (see photo above). It’s also ridiculous to suggest she didn’t embrace glam while primarily a country singer, as years and years of photos show otherwise.

The publication then alleges “her new love interest is also reportedly having a hand in her desire for a minimalistic look,” not recognizing that Swift and Alwyn have been together for a year. The aforementioned “source” is quoted as saying, “Her boyfriend Joe loves her most when she’s au naturel. So she’s loving leaving her hair messy and wearing his sweatshirts, even when she knows people are going to see her. It’s a brand-new start.”

But the tabloid and its alleged tipster can’t know too much about Swift and Alwyn’s relationship, otherwise they’d know she’s still sharing her “private life” through her music, as he and other love interests are on referenced on her album. It’s also misleading to make it seem like the superstar going “au naturel” is an entirely new and sudden development. Swift has stepped out in public with no makeup on for years. It seems the magazine just wanted do a sensational story, which is exactly why Swift mocked OK! just last week.

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