Taylor Swift did not recently shut down Madison Square Garden so she could go to and from her dressing room undisturbed, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct a made-up claim about her having the famed arena put on "lockdown." We're told it's "100 percent false."

The manufactured account can be found in the pages of the National Enquirer. According to supermarket tabloid, Swift "insisted on total privacy as she entered the backstage area and was escorted to her dressing room." A so-called "snitch" is quoted as saying, "[Swift] was literally driven to her dressing room door, while [Madison Square Garden] was put on lockdown until she was safe inside." The same seemingly fabricated source adds, "After she finished performing, her car was waiting for her. She literally walked off the stage and into her car to be whisked way. It was like she was the president."

Glaringly missing from the magazine's article are two of the most basic questions that need to be answered in any piece of journalism: "what" and "when." Even kids working on a high school newspaper know that every story must include those two simple facts. Apparently, some reporters at the Enquirer don't know that. Allow Gossip Cop to fill in the blank spaces about the "when" and "what" left by the unreliable outlet: Swift performed at Madison Square Garden on December 8, as part of Z100's Jingle Ball (pictured above).

Notwithstanding the tabloid's less-than-stellar reporting skills, Gossip Cop still fact-checked the publication's claim about Swift having the arena put on "lockdown" as she was driven into and out of the stadium. A Madison Square Garden staffer tells us the magazine's assertions are bogus. Additionally, a Swift insider also confirms that the often discredited outlet's article is "100 percent false."

Gossip Cop is not remotely surprised by the falsity of the magazine's article. In addition to leaving out the "when" and "what," the tabloid has a history of publishing untrue stories about the singer. One year ago, the outlet swore up and down that Swift wanted to get back together with Conor Kennedy, who she briefly dated a half-decade ago. That report, as well as several others, have aged about as well as a carton on milk. If you want facts about Swift, keep coming back to Gossip Cop, but if you don't mind being duped by fiction, there's always the Enquirer.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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