Taylor Swift Has NOT “Dumped” Lena Dunham Following Jack Antonoff Split, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Lena Dunham Jack Antonoff

By Andrew Shuster |

Taylor Swift Lena Dunham Jack Antonoff

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Taylor Swift has not “dumped” Lena Dunham as a friend following the actress’s split from Jack Antonoff, despite a bogus report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story. We’re told there’s simply no truth to it.

According to RadarOnline, the pop star was forced to choose sides between Dunham and Antonoff after their January split, and Swift decided to go with the Bleachers frontman, who’s produced and co-written several of her songs. A so-called “source” then tells the site that Swift “has opted to keep her distance from Lena” because her and Antonoff’s breakup was supposedly “acrimonious.”

“Taylor could see this coming and there was no question about where her loyalties are,” adds the seemingly phony insider, who further contends that Dunham “was only vaguely aware of Taylor or her career” before she started dating Antonoff. Of course, this notion makes little sense. Swift is one of the biggest musicians on the planet and Dunham clearly has her finger on the pulse of pop culture.

Still, the blog’s alleged tipster maintains that Dunham was “appalled” by Swift’s rise to stardom and was never really a fan of the singer, despite becoming friendly with her through her ex-boyfriend. The seemingly phony source concludes that Dunham has “always been an outsider” when it comes to the music scene, so now that she and Antonoff are no longer together, “Taylor is just turning her back on her.”

This entire narrative is fabricated. For starters, Antonoff and Dunham have been on good terms in the months since their split, despite the blog incorrectly describing their breakup as “acrimonious.” In March, Dunham and Antonoff even had a friendly Twitter exchange. The claim that the “Girls” star never actually liked Swift or her music isn’t true either. Later that month, Dunham praised the singer’s music video for “Delicate” on Twitter, calling it “amazing” and “a pure artistic statement” about public scrutiny. “I’m so proud of her,” she wrote.

In addition to the blog’s article being filled with inaccuracies and based on a false premise, a source close to Swift tells Gossip Cop on the condition of anonymity that it’s entirely “false.” The pop star hasn’t dropped Dunham in favor of Antonoff, nor would she have any reason to do so. The actress and musician didn’t have a bad breakup that resulted in their friends having to choose sides. This article is nothing but a baseless attempt to create nonexistent drama between two celebrities, which RadarOnline has a long history of trying to do.


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