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Taylor Swift did not curse the "virtue signalling left," despite a report wrongly suggesting she's revealed her political allegiance. The superstar has largely remained silent on political issues, but a site is misinterpreting that silence. Gossip Cop can bust this story.

The headline of this YourNewsWire article reads, "Taylor Swift: [Expletive] The Virtue Signalling Left." Though "[Expletive] The Virtue Signalling Left" is not in quote marks, the headline's design still makes it seem like a declaration out of Swift's month. That was probably intentional, to deceptively make readers think she personally said such an inflammatory statement. She 100 percent did not.

Then the story begins with the contention, "Taylor Swift has refused to become a left-wing political feminist, claiming that her role is to make great music, not virtue signal on social media." The songstress has never spoken about "left-wing" politics, or even right-wing politics for that matter. Again the website is misleading people, making it seem like Swift specifically did something. But she has not openly "refused" anything.

Rather, the outlet is drawing conclusions because she has "stood firm in not publicly showing support for Hillary Clinton" and because she has not come out to "denounce Donald Trump." The publication brings up articles about Swift from Buzzfeed and elsewhere that have suggested she has appeal to white nationalists and neo-Nazis and points out that she's been chastised for not participating in the Women's March two years running. The site further notes that "every other A-list pop princess... publicly backed Clinton during the US presidential campaign," but Swift was "silent."

The blog goes on to criticize those that have attacked Swift, lamenting, "All this vitriol just because Swift has remained neutral and focused on her craft rather than trying to convince her impressionable young fans to adopt her political viewpoints." But that's just it: Swift HAS stayed "neutral." And much has been written about how Swift refuses to get political. Yet this piece is wrongly giving the impression that she's renounced the leftist movement. In actuality, she's neither forsaken it nor embraced it.

By the same token, she has not forsaken or embraced the right-end of the political spectrum, either. And her silence shouldn't be misconstrued as tacit approval of the Trump administration, just as her lack of public involvement in leftist causes shouldn't be construed as disapproval of those.

In recent months, Swift did show some interest in activism by donating to the #TimesUp Legal Defense Fund. But that isn't an inherently political act given that people on both sides of the aisle should (theoretically) be against sexual harassment and assault in the workplace. The bottom line is Swift remains apolitical, and a headline and introduction implying she's taken a stance against the "virtue signalling left" and "left-wing political feminists" is just demonstrably wrong.

Still, Gossip Cop deeply fact-checks every article, and a Swift insider confirms to us on background that she never expressed anything, either publicly or privately, about the "virtue signalling left." We'd also be remiss not to point out that YourNewsWire is on a list of fake news sites. Clearly, the blog isn't credible.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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