Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Kissing Photos: Fans React

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fans react taylor swift tom hiddleston

By Jesse Spero |

fans react taylor swift tom hiddleston

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston kissing photos emerged on Wednesday, and now fans are reacting to the possible new couple. See reactions to the singer and actor locking lips below!

As Gossip Cop reported, paparazzi shots of Swift, who split with Calvin Harris last month, and Hiddleston were reportedly taken on Tuesday, and show the pair getting cozy on Misquamicut beach, which is near the singer’s eight-bedroom mansion in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. The numerous pics show the singer and actor cuddling while sitting on rocks near the water, holding hands, and taking selfies. We have reached out to reps for both stars for confirmation of their seemingly budding new relationship.

Not surprisingly, many of Swift and Hiddleston’s devoted fans took to social media to react to the news. User @MorganJerkins appeared none too pleased with the news, tweeting, “Tom. Hiddleston. We were all rooting for you. How dare you.” ‏@Alysimetric was also taking the news hard, wrote, “Tom Hiddleston is not dating that demon spawn. He is not.” Longtime Swift fan @oscargracey, also appeared shaken, expressed, “I truly believed you would give me a peaceful summer once Adam broke up with you. I really did. I see now that I was a fool. I hope Tom Hiddleston was worth this. I really do. I will not stand by and watch you fall for another undeserving, lanky European. I won’t.”

Some users, like @kaarinalizeth, went with an Avengers pun, writing, “tom hiddleston & Taylor swift didnt keep their relationship very loki.” @andylevy also joked, “please give taylor swift and tom hiddleston their privacy they’re trying to keep their relationship loki.” Others, like @celebsconfesss, seem perplexed by the news, tweeting, “Taylor swift is dating Tom Hiddleston…that’s like putting peanut butter in an egg sandwich”

Naturally, there were fans of the actor who did not hold back throwing shade at both Swift and Hiddleston. User @kinkymavin simply wrote, “tom hiddleston: cancelled.” But still others, like ‏@Raxsha, were thrilled with the news. “I literally don’t care how basic this makes me but TSwift & Tom Hiddleston just made my head XPLOD,” she wrote. User @erinsometimes also tweeted, “I am having a garbage day but am oddly delighted by the news that Taylor Swift is dating Tom Hiddleston.”


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