Taylor Swift And Katy Perry NEVER Slated For Oscar Parties Run-In, Despite Made Up HollywoodLife Story

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Taylor Swift Katy Perry Oscars

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift Katy Perry Oscars

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Oscar parties organizers were NEVER concerned about a Katy Perry and Taylor Swift run-in, despite an entirely made-up story. Gossip Cop can bust this wholly fabricated claim, which was never based on any actual reporting, but rather was manufactured from the start by the staff at HollywoodLife.

The webloid claims Swift and Perry were both invited to the “same Oscars party,” and now the bash’s organizers are supposedly “freaking out” there could be a “cat fight during Hollywood’s biggest night.” First off, anyone who reports about celebrities knows Swift is in England, ahead of the Brit Awards on Wednesday. So she was NEVER, as in NEVER EVER, slated to be at any Oscar parties, and anyone who might have wanted to invite her was well-apprised of that. In fact, the only ones who don’t know Swift is in England are the people at HollywoodLife, who instead of fact-checking seem to spend more time creating fake stories about stars.

Frankly, Gossip Cop is tired of HollywoodLife pissing on traditional journalism, much like that site’s owner Jay Penske reportedly pissed on a woman (and was subsequently arrested). The webloid seems to justify all its fabricating because it generates traffic. At real outlets, people who lie and make up stories are fired. It seems at HollywoodLife, however, they’re simply just assigned another story to manufacture.

Why is it that HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife’s “exclusive” report about Oscar party organizers supposedly being “freaked” about Taylor Swift and Katy Perry having a run-in was not picked up by any legitimate outlets like People, Billboard and Entertainment Weekly? Gossip Cop suspects it’s because real media companies are fully aware that HollywoodLife’s stories, like this latest one about Swift and Perry, often don’t pan out to be true. Still, Gossip Cop fact-checked with one of Swift’s pals about the site’s Oscar party tale and was told many of HollywoodLife’s recent stories about the hot singer not only are completely untrue, but also “make no sense.”


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