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Is Taylor Swift using Joe Alwyn to boost ticket sales? A new report claims there's a secret reason the actor attended her tour opener earlier this month. But Gossip Cop can debunk the story.

According to OK!, Swift's tour rider has "one essential inclusion," namely her boyfriend. The tabloid describes Alwyn as being "on full display" when her "Reputation Stadium Tour" launched on May 8. A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Taylor wanted Joe to be front and center so she could prove to her haters that their relationship is still going strong."

But that's not the only reason Swift is "mixing business with pleasure," claims the magazine. Its supposed snitch contends, "All of the attention this outing received will surely help boost lackluster ticket sales. It's a win-win for her to have him there." There's a number of problems, however, with these allegations.

First off, as opposed to being "front and center" and "on full display," video of Alwyn at the concert showed him standing behind a crowd of people with a hat on. While fans nearby recognized him, he did not do anything to draw attention to himself. Second, it's not clear why Swift would need to "prove to her haters" that their relationship is strong. The songstress has never even spoken publicly about dating Alwyn, preferring to keep the romance largely private.

And if she really wanted to flaunt their relationship, surely he would've been at her subsequent shows. But Alwyn has only attended the opening concert to date, which goes against the claim that he's an "essential inclusion" on the tour. Also, Swift went without him to the Billboard Music Awards last weekend. Walking the red carpet together, which they've yet to do, would've sent a big message about their relationship. But the couple passed on the opportunity, which indicates the superstar isn't using her beau for publicity.

Third, the notion that Alwyn's appearance at Swift's concert would increase ticket sales is illogical. Fans go to the shows to see her perform, not because a British actor may be in the audience. Furthermore, there are no legitimate concerns about "lackluster" sales. Back in January, months before the kick-off, Billboard reported Swift's tour was already on the way to being "one of the biggest of all time." Additionally, Swift actually broke an attendance record in advance of the concert series' official launch. Alwyn's help is clearly not needed.

In sum, all of the claims in this story are easily disproven: Alwyn wasn't on "display" at Swift's launch concert, he has yet to attend additional shows, they don't flaunt their relationship, and she doesn't need him to "boost" her attendance. Gossip Cop must also point out that Swift mocked OK! last fall, poking fun at the tabloid for claiming she was pregnant. It's apparent the magazine isn't credible when it comes to reporting on the singer.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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