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Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are not headed for a split because she's signed on to a movie adaptation of Cats, despite a new claim. Gossip Cop can bust it. This story ignores the fact that the couple has already proven to be quite adept at balancing their personal and professional lives.

Last month, it was reported Swift will star in a movie version of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats, along with James Corden, Jennifer Hudson and Ian McKellen Filming will begin this fall. Now RadarOnline wants readers to believe the gig spells doom for her relationship with Alwyn.

"This project is going to be demanding and intense and Taylor will have to spend a lot of time throwing herself into the rehearsals and grueling filming schedule," a so-called "insider" is quoted as saying. The site's untraceable source goes on to contend, "This is going to be unlike anything Joe's known. She won't have time for him like she has in the past."

The blog further theorizes, "Swift could be busy with filming for a long time, not to mention the intense publicity tour sure to follow." Adds the alleged tipster, "Joe is used to getting a lot of attention from Taylor, but they can't be joined at the hip anymore. Their relationship is about to change in a major way." Apparently the website is unaware of how the couple has handled their romance to date.

Swift has been on her "Reputation Stadium Tour" since May, with dates scheduled across the globe. Despite that, she has managed to keep up her relationship with the actor. Alwyn attended Swift's tour opener, and during a break from the concert series last month, Swift and Alwyn took a trip to Turks and Caicos. And People specifically reported before the tour began that Swift and Alwyn knew how they'd make it work because they were already used to being long-distance at times.

"They've confronted scheduling and distance problems before due to Alwyn's acting career," the magazine pointed out, noting, "When Joe is filming, Taylor flies to see him as much as she can." There is no reason to think the dynamic will change just because Swift will now be the one in front of the camera. Furthermore, the online publication fails to tell readers that the movie adaptation of Cats will be shooting in the U.K., which happens to be where Alwyn is based. The notion that he won't be able to see her at all is implausible.

There are a few other red flags in this tale. For example, Corden's last name is misspelled as "Cordon." (See screengrab below.) And while claiming to have an "insider," the outlet also maintains "it's still not clear exactly which role Swift will play." Isn't that something an "insider" would know?

To recap, RadarOnline thinks Swift is "headed for another heartbreak" and Alwyn has "reason to be worried" just because she will be starring in a film adaptation of a Broadway musical. The premise is the singer will suddenly be too busy for her boyfriend, something that is easily disproven when you consider that she's already been able to keep the romance going while on a world tour. Plus, thanks to Alwyn's movie career, the couple is already used to taking production schedules into account when it comes to seeing each other.

The site has a history of sensationalizing various aspects of the superstar's life, such as claiming last year Swift was "horrified" over "backlash" from "Look What You Made Me Do," even though the song was incredibly successful. Also last year, following Conor Kennedy's arrest, the blog alleged she wanted to get back together with him. By that time, she had already been dating Alwyn for several months. The website has proven to know little about Swift's life, which is why it manufactures stories that don't hold up under close examination.

This latest tale is no different. Swift and Alwyn could eventually split due to busy schedules, but it's ridiculous at this point to predict Cats will be their undoing, given everything else that's known about their relationship and the project.


Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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