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Are Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn getting married in August? According to one of the tabloids, the superstar is planning a wedding to take place in Nashville. But Gossip Cop looked into the story and we've learned it is untrue.

The latest cover of Life & Style announces a "summer wedding" for Swift and Alwyn. Contends the magazine, "By the time" the couple marks their "second anniversary this fall, they'll be husband and wife." A so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "They are planning to tie the knot this summer and their parents have given their approval."

Swift is currently on her "Reputation Stadium Tour," but the outlet notes that she "has a few weeks off between concerts at several points late this summer." In fact, the schedule gives Swift nearly a week-long break between her Florida and Tennessee concerts, and then after the latter, she has a couple of more days off before heading to Michigan. While that may make it seem like an opportune time to marry, there is time off slated throughout tour, not just then. For example, after this Saturday's show, Swift doesn't have another one until June 30. In November, there's a concert on the 9th and then there isn't another show until the 20th. These breaks have nothing to do with getting married.

Still, since Swift will be in Tennessee, the publication's supposed snitch claims, "They're talking about tying the knot when she's home in Nashville at the end of August." Curiously, the tabloid then asserts that Swift and Alwyn "want to keep the wedding under the radar," even though a purported "source" is supposedly leaking all these private details. "It'll be just close family and friends," maintains the alleged tipster. It's further said Selena Gomez will be a bridesmaid, Swift has her eyes on an Oscar de la Renta dress, and her famous cats will have some kind of role in the "big day."

Notably, this is all coming from the same magazine that falsely claimed Swift was having a "summer wedding" with Calvin Harris in 2016 (see below). On the very same day that story came out, it was revealed they had actually split. This is also the same outlet that alleged Alwyn was being urged to dump Swift last September. Obviously, she never married Harris and she was never dumped by Alwyn. These are significant errors that indicate fans shouldn't trust what the publication is peddling now.

E! Online reported in March that Swift and Alwyn were not ready to get married, and now Gossip Cop hears that hasn't changed and this story about an August wedding is "not true." It's also worth mentioning that while People did report last fall that Swift's friends think Alwyn could be "the one," the reputable magazine hasn't reported anything about them getting married.

To recap, Swift has several breaks throughout her tour, so having time off in the days before and after her Nashville concert is not proof that she's planning to wed. These "summer wedding" claims are coming from the same tabloid that wrongly tried to sell such a narrative in 2016. And no reputable outlets have reported anything about a wedding to Alwyn being in the works. It's quite possible they will eventually make their relationship official, but it seems there are no real plans to do so yet.

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Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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