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Taylor Swift has been dating boyfriend Joe Alwyn for nearly three years. During that time, there have been countless wrong rumors about the two getting married. Here are a few of those stories that Gossip Cop has debunked.

In April, Star published an article claiming Swift and Katy Perry were racing each other to the altar. The tabloid alleged that Swift had been secretly engaged to Alwyn for months when Perry announced her engagement to Orlando Bloom. "As much as Taylor has stepped back from the Hollywood spotlight recently," an unnamed tipster told the magazine, "she won't be able to live with herself if her wedding is outdone by Katy."

The story then spiraled into some nonsense about Perry finding out Swift's "wedding plans," and going all out to one-up her. From there, the "source" said both Alwyn and Bloom objected to the two singers battling over the weddings. In reality, the insider was a total fraud. There's no reason as to how this one source would know so many details about the private lives of four different individuals. Gossip Cop still ran the claims by our source in Swift's camp, who laughed off the rumor.

In June, NW incorrectly reported Swift and Alwyn were getting married and had a baby on the way. After the couple was spotted walking through Paris, the tabloid saw an opportunity to spin a phony "Parisian honeymoon" story. "The talk is that they may well have married in the States at a quiet little chapel in New York, before jetting off to Paris and celebrating with a few close personal friends," a "tipster" told the outlet.

The alleged insider also said that Swift was planning "a bigger bash in America," despite the fact that the marriage was "Hollywood's worst kept secret." Gossip Cop checked with the City Clerk's Office in New York, who told us there was no marriage license on file for the couple. We also ran the story by one of our sources in Swift's camp, who assured us it was all false.

Later that month, the National Enquirer came up with an article about Swift planning a Fourth of July wedding with Alwyn."Taylor is keen to make things official with Joe and the word is they'll do so at her beloved beach getaway in Rhode Island," a supposed source told the publication. The made-up wedding apparently included Selena Gomez and Karlie Kloss as guests. Back in reality, however, our Swift source told us the ceremony in question was fictional. Additionally, Swift was far too occupied with promoting her latest album at the time.

Just this month, Life & Style tried to capitalize on the release of Swift's new album with a piece about Swift pressuring Alwyn to propose through her song lyrics. Citing the lyrics of "Lover," a track from her album of the same name, the magazine said Swift was directly telling Alwyn to propose to her. The outlet's source even claimed Swift had a "vision board" for the wedding, including her hopes for a dress and cake. The board supposedly included plans for holding the wedding in "a castle near" London, according to the tabloid.

Once again, Gossip Cop's source familiar with the couple informed us that it was another made-up rumor. Also, the publication tried to avoid details by just saying Swift wanted to get married in "a castle," but the Tower of London is the only rentable castle in the area. If the magazine had done its research, it would have included more specifics. Instead, the tabloid just proved once again how few facts go into its articles.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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