Taylor Swift, Joe Alwyn ‘Back On’ After Relationship Trouble?

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Side by side shots of Taylor Swift at the Cats premiere and Joe Alwyn at a BuzzFeed event

By Andrew Shuster |

Side by side shots of Taylor Swift at the Cats premiere and Joe Alwyn at a BuzzFeed event

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A tabloid claims Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are “back on” following trouble in their relationship. The couple was never “off” in the first place. Gossip Cop can correct the phony story.

According to Star, the singer and the actor had hit a rough patch, but they’re getting close again. “Taylor and Joe have their problems, but they’re working it out,” a supposed source tells the outlet. “They’ve committed to carving out time for each other, even though their careers are very demanding right now.”

The suspicious insider goes on to say that Alwyn is “making a huge effort to be supportive of Taylor,” while she’s “willing to make compromises and adjustments” of her own. “They want the relationship to last,” adds the seemingly fake tipster.

Here’s what’s really happening: Gossip Cop busted Star less than two weeks ago for falsely claiming Swift and Alwyn were taking a break. Just days later, Swift and Alwyn were spotted holding hands at the New York premiere of Cats. Instead of acknowledging that it was wrong, the magazine is trying to back pedal by claiming they’re “back on.” It’s an old tabloid trick. The outlet just doesn’t want to be held accountable for its faulty reporting.

The tabloid’s initial story didn’t even make sense at the time it was published. Swift and Alwyn celebrated Thanksgiving together in London in late November. So when exactly did their nonexistent “break” occur? The outlet likely invented its story because the two keep their romance private and don’t attend many public events together. The actor, however, did support his girlfriend at the premiere of her new movie. When it comes to stepping out together, they simply pick and choose which events are most important to them.

Still, Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to the couple, who tells us the tabloid’s report is nonsense. Swift and Alwyn never had any problems they needed to work through. Star simply has zero insight into the couple’s relationship, which has been going strong for quite some time.

Back in July 2018, Gossip Cop called out the magazine for wrongly reporting that Swift was planning her wedding to Alwyn. Naturally, the publication didn’t bother to mention when and where the nuptials were being held. That’s because, as time has proven, the singer wasn’t engaged to her boyfriend and still isn’t a year and a half later. The tabloid’s Swift “sources” are either woefully unreliable or flat out imaginary.


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