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Taylor Swift is jealous of Harry Styles' success with Dunkirk, according to a report. But this story is completely source-less, and is based solely on speculation. Gossip Cop has now learned those assumptions are also untrue.

In wake of Dunkirk exceeding expectations at the box office during its debut weekend, Celeb Dirty Laundry is announcing, "Taylor Swift Jealous Of Harry Styles' Movie Success." In the article, the webloid asserts Swift is "probably seething with jealousy over Harry Styles' movie success, especially as that same Hollywood success has so far eluded her grasp." After alleging the songstress was "attempting to break into films for many years now" by taking small parts in three movies from 2010 to 2014, the site says her "big break never came, partly because all the films she starred in received either middling or negative reviews, and partly because her acting skills were never quite up to par. While critics never vilified her performances, she was never considered to be a standout nor was she considered to have any natural talent in the acting field."

In contrast, the outlet writes Styles has "not only managed to make his feature film debut in a Christopher Nolan movie - which would leave even major movie stars jealous - but he also received stellar reviews for his performance, with many critics praising his naturalistic ability and his screen presence. Additionally, the film's box office success has already paved the way for Harry Styles, Movie Star, as roles and offers have reportedly been pouring in since the film came out." The online publication goes on, "Given the fact that Taylor Swift never quite got over the Harry Styles breakup, this has to sting for her. And that sting will undoubtedly just get worse if he ends up becoming an award-winning actor and receiving all the critical acclaim and box office success that she always wanted."

No. Swift is not comparing herself to Styles, or anyone else for that matter. Gossip Cop is told she remains focused on her own life, not the box office performance and film reviews related to a former boyfriend. Furthermore, the notion that Swift hasn't had a big film career because of lackluster results with past projects is also inaccurate. There is no doubt the singer could score a large movie role if she truly wanted one. But she has purposefully chosen to focus on music, and over the last year and a half, has made the conscious choice to actually put her career on the backburner.

Styles' film debut being met with positivity doesn't "sting" or make Swift "jealous" because she's living her own life exactly as she wants, and it has nothing to do with his. If seems like CDL just wanted to stir the pot by writing anti-Swift hit piece, that theory could be spot-on. Despite having no real sources, or perhaps because of that, the webloid has published a number of mean-spirited, unflattering and, most importantly, unfounded articles about her over the years. That included a story nearly a year ago that ridiculously claimed Swift delayed a new album out of fears it would "flop."

Anyone tracking the superstar's music career knows "Swift" and "flop" don't go together. In truth, there was never an album release planned. Of course, if the site actually had insight on her, it would've known that in the first place. But this is the same online publication that laughably said in June that Swift was spending "million of dollars" on boyfriend Joe Alwyn. CDL clearly favors the sensational over the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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