Taylor Swift Does NOT Have “Intimate” Or “Steamy” Photos With Calvin Harris Being Shopped, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift intimate calvin harris

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift intimate calvin harris

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Taylor Swift does not have “intimate” and “steamy” photos of herself with Calvin Harris that are being shopped around, despite a completely fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively take the steam out of this false report. Swift rep exclusively tells us that no such pictures exist.

According to RadarOnline, a so-called “Swift insider” is trying to sell an “intimate pic” of the singer with Harris. The webloid goes on to allege that the “sexy photo,” which is supposedly being shopped by a member of Swift’s “inner circle,” is “steamy.” The site further attempts to get hits by luring its readers with a tale about how the photo is “certainly not meant for public eyes.” But none of this is true.

There is no “sexy photo” of Swift with Harris that’s being shopped. Nor is there a “steamy” photo or an “intimate pic.” It’s all made up by RadarOnline, which Gossip Cop has busted several times for posting false stories about Swift.

A little more than a week ago, Gossip Cop corrected the webloid for wrongly claiming Swift had a “freak out” when Kanye West went off script at the VMAs. We also debunked an untrue story the site manufactured about her dissing Miley Cyrus at a VMAs after-party at her home. Swift did not even have a party at her house.

Regardless, much like other reports from the webloid, this one about a supposedly compromising picture of Swift with Harris being shopped around is similarly phony. Swift’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “There is no ‘steamy’ photo.”

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Taylor Swift has an intimate picture of Calvin Harris that is trying to be sold by someone in her inner circle.


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