Taylor Swift overcame her "insecurities" and recently stepped "back into the spotlight," thanks to her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, according to one of this week's tabloids. But the claim is completely untrue. Gossip Cop is told the magazine's premise is "false" on several levels.

In this week's issue of Life & Style, the magazine contends the only reason Swift agreed to open the 2018 American Music Awards was due entirely to Alwyn. The sometimes inaccurate outlet maintains the British actor was solely responsible for helping "Taylor overcome her insecurities." What her "insecurities supposedly are and the cause of them are glaringly never mentioned in the article.

The rest of the story recaps how Swift has maintained a lower profile for some time now, allowing her and Alwyn's relationship to grow. Noting how Swift recently attended the New York premiere of Alwyn's film, The Favourite, the tabloid has a so-called "source" declare, "Taylor's finally ready to return to the spotlight." The implication, of course, is that Swift has been essentially in hiding. But that's hardly the case.

Swift hasn't been as visible as she was in the past simply because the singer hasn't had an album to promote in the past three years and, as noted, she wanted her relationship with her boyfriend to grow without the glare of the media. For his part, Alwyn acknowledged in a British Vogue interview that they've been "successfully very private" on purpose. The narrative about him helping her "overcome her securities" to perform at the AMAs is nonsense. She's simply had no reason since her hit record 1989 to be at awards shows.

Nor has the superstar singer had any "insecurities" about performing in general or stepping out into the spotlight. Since May, in support of her latest album Swift has sung in front of millions of fans during her Reputation Stadium Tour, which just wrapped up the U.S. leg before it heads next week to Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Even though the tabloid's premise is illogical, Gossip Cop still reached out to a source close to Swift and we were assured the story is "false."

Granted, Life & Style's Swift sources are not that reliable. Back in June, using the same impeccable insider as we did this time around, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it falsely maintained Swift and Alwyn were getting married in August in Nashville. Of course, two months have passed and clearly the singer and her actor boyfriend did not tie the knot. Much like that provably untrue tale, the latest one is also wrong.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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