Taylor Swift “Crazy In Love” With Joe Alwyn Is Made-Up Story

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Taylor Swift in love Joe Alwyn

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift in love Joe Alwyn

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A story claiming Taylor Swift is “crazy in love” with Joe Alwyn was made up by HollywoodLife. While the couple is still together, Gossip Cop is told no legitimate source is speaking to the webloid about their relationship.

On Sunday, Swift released a new song from her upcoming album, Reputation. Many believe the track, called “Ready For It,” is about her romance with Alwyn. That’s why, one day later, HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, is now exclaiming in a headline, “Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn’s Relationship ‘Extremely Strong’— She’s Crazy In Love.” In fact, the site admits its motivation for manufacturing this tale in the article’s very first paragraph. It says, “Fans have been dying to hear more about Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s romance since she dropped ‘Ready For It’ yesterday, Sept. 3, a track everyone is assuming is about her love for her new beau! An insider tells it definitely is and their relationship is a total dream!”

The outlet maintains that “a source close to Tay has confirmed” to the blog “exclusively that Joe was definitely the inspiration for the song.” This so-called “insider” is quoted as saying, “Taylor draws a lot on her personal life for her music, so yeah, it’s pretty safe to say the song is about Joe. Their relationship is extremely strong and she’s crazy in love with him, and for once, she’s managed to keep it private and out of the media glare, which is definitely helping minimize any drama.”

It’s odd that this purported tipster would make a comment about Swift keeping the relationship “private and out of the media glare” while allegedly spilling personal information about her and Alwyn to an online publication. It’s also impossible to trust HollywoodLies given not only the sheer volume of stories it has seemingly fabricated about the superstar, but also because the webloid proved back in July that it doesn’t actually have inside access when it comes to the couple. The site lied about Swift and Alwyn planning to debut their romance at her July Fourth party. When no bash took place, the outlet tried to get out of the hole it dug itself in by crafting a story about why Swift “canceled” her 4th of July party.

Of course, if HollywoodLies was really in-the-know, it would’ve known from the get-go that Swift wasn’t hosting a shindig this year, nor did she have any intention of flaunting her relationship. That was two months ago. Gossip Cop is assured that in the time since, the outlet didn’t get an authentic Swift “source” or “insider” to dish real “exclusives” about her relationship with Alwyn. The publication simply made up this story to capitalize on the attention surrounding “Ready For It.” And when it does so again, Gossip Cop will be, well, ready for it.

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