Taylor Swift And Hozier Not Dating Or In “New Romance,” Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Hozier Dating

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift Hozier Dating


Taylor Swift is not in a “new romance” with Hozier, despite a newly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can correct this entirely bogus claim. A recently posted story online about Swift and the Irish singer “flirting” last week at the Grammy Museum is untrue.

According to the highly unreliable HollywoodLife, Hozier is Swift’s “new crush” and the two were “super flirty” when they visited an installation devoted to her at the Grammy Museum in L.A. The often inaccurate site then quotes a so-called “insider” as saying Swift thinks Hozier is “super talented and super hot.” The webloid’s highly dubious “eyewitness” adds that they two “seemed way into each other,” before editorializing on HollywoodLife’s behalf that they make “a good looking couple.”

it’s all very amusing, and all made up, much like many other stories from HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife about Swift. As you’ll recall, it’s the webloid that manufactured numerous untrue stories about Swift being in a (non-existent) “feud” with her friend Selena Gomez. It’s also the blog that wrongly reported that Swift had a “mini-meltdown” when she recently saw Jake Gyllenhaal at a Golden Globes party. And it’s the same site that was rightfully (and repeatedly) embarrassed by Gossip Cop after it ran several fabricated tales about Swift wanting to get back together with Harry Styles.

Over time, Gossip Cop has been proven consistently right about Swift while HollywoodLife has continued to discredit itself. And the webloid’s latest creation about Swift and Hozier “flirting” fits that pattern once again. One of our impeccable Swift sources assures Gossip Cop that Hozier and Swift are “just friends.”


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