Taylor Swift “Heartbreak Songs” Story Is Made Up

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Taylor Swift Heartbreak Songs

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Heartbreak Songs

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A story about Taylor Swift still writing “heartbreak songs” despite her romance with Joe Alwyn was made up, Gossip Cop can confirm. This is another instance of HollywoodLife spreading fake news.

“Taylor Swift Won’t Allow Joe Alwyn Romance To Stop Her From Making Great Heartbreak Songs,” declares the headline of this purported “exclusive.” In the accompanying story, it’s said that “fans don’t have to worry that her chill romance” with Alwyn will mean Swift is “going to make all of her new tunes super cheery” or that listeners will be “denied heartbreak songs on her new album.” Unsurprisingly, it’s alleged Swift plans to stick with what she does so well.

A so-called “source” is quoted as saying, “Taylor’s musical success has been through heartbreak, that is very obvious, very clear. And now that she is in a great relationship with Joe she is not going to let that effect [sic] her music moving forward.” The site’s supposed snitch, who Gossip Cop doubts really exists, goes on to contend, “We are still going to hear songs that deal with sadness, heartbreak and of course a rebuttal on Katy Perry.”

It’s pretty rich that HollywoodLies is claiming to know the content of Swift’s upcoming album when she’s been so secretive about her new collection that not even music publications like Billboard and Rolling Stone, as well as trades like The Hollywood Reporter and Variety, know yet what it contains. But this webloid has “exclusive details”? Please.

What’s really going on is the bad blog is once again pretending to have insight. Though it’s been proven multiple times that the site doesn’t have access to Swift’s camp or people genuinely part of her inner circle, HollywoodLies nonetheless manufactures stories related to her career and personal life. One published earlier this month, for example, was about how Swift is “falling hard” for Alywn. That was also based on an illegitimate “source.”

The allegations seem plausible but they’re only exclusive because they’re exclusively made up. There’s public interest in Swift’s new album and her relationship, so HollywoodLies has crafted related stories on those subjects. The only thing that makes the articles authentic is that they originate with the online outlet. But that doesn’t make them real news. Swift probably will have songs about heartbreak on her new album, regardless of her romance with Alwyn. But no one close to her is talking about it with the webloid.

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