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Taylor Swift's testimony in her ongoing sexual assault trial is being exploited by HollywoodLife. The shameful webloid made up an "exclusive" about how the superstar feels after taking the stand.

As Gossip Cop reported, on Thursday Swift testified that deejay David Mueller grabbed her "bare ass cheek" as they posed for a photo at a meet-and-greet in 2013. Mueller sued Swift over what he says is a false allegation that led him to be wrongly fired from his job, and she in turn counter-sued for assault and battery. At the trial, she candidly spoke about what happened, and rejected attempts by the opposing counsel to paint Mueller as innocent.

Many outlets have been respectfully covering the trial, and Swift's camp is letting the testimony speak for itself. But HollywoodLife is claiming it has "EXCLUSIVE details" on how the singer is feeling in the wake of testifying. "Taylor Swift: Taking Stand In Groping Trial 'Wasn't Easy' But Support From Her Fans Gave Her Strength," reads the headline of the disingenuous story.

The site quotes a so-called "source" as saying, "The defense team tried very hard to discredit Taylor and twist her words, but she stood her ground. It was intimidating, but she never once let them break her down." Of course, anyone could conclude that just from reading the transcript of the testimony. There's no scoop there. Still, this supposed snitch goes on to assert, "It wasn't easy though. She felt like she was on the stand forever. They were going around and around trying to paint her as the liar and the bad guy, but she just kept repeating her truth. She feels like she was heard."

The outlet's alleged tipster makes more obvious statements when saying, "There are no words for how angry this situation makes her, especially because she knows this is so much bigger than her. She's standing up for herself but she also wants to send a very loud message to her fans and to the world that it's okay to stand up for yourself, that it's important and necessary." Swift expressed her anger on the stand, and her attorney explained in opening statements that this was about indeed about demonstrating that women should stand up for themselves. Again, no scoop.

There's another "duh" moment when the "source" (cough) asserts, "All the fans waiting for her and showing their support means the world to her. She knows that they're out there and they've got her back and that gives her more strength than they probably realize." No, the support from Swift's fans doesn't mean anything to her. Of course it does! HollywoodLies is trying to pass off both readily available information and obvious information as some "exclusive," and the reason the webloid is doing it is disgusting.

Swift's trial is one of the most talked-about topics in celebrity news this week. And any time there's a hot subject, HollywoodLies likes to pretend it's the one publication with inside knowledge about what's going on. The problem is that theses stories are typically manufactured, with the blog seemingly fabricating "sources" and "insiders" who pretend to have insight. Rarely, however, is the site actually in-the-know, and it's particularly problematic here.

Swift's camp, understandably, is not talking about the trial. This is a very serious issue, and no one in her inner circle wants it to become fodder for gossip outlets. HollywoodLies, Gossip Cop is told, is claiming to have a "source close to the singer," but that is illegitimate. And the fact that the outlet is trying to pass off an inauthentic "exclusive" on such a sensitive subject is galling. Swift was already exploited once when she was allegedly sexually assaulted. Shame on HollywoodLies for trying to do it again just to score traffic through a made-up story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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