Taylor Swift Nearly Yanked Off Stage By Fan During “1989” Canada Show (VIDEO)

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taylor Swift Pulled Stage

By Minyvonne Burke |

taylor Swift Pulled Stage


Taylor Swift was nearly yanked off stage by a fan during her concert on Tuesday at Rexall Place Arena in Edmonton, Canada. The singer was performing her song “Bad Blood” when suddenly a fan reached up on stage and attempted to grab Swift’s leg. Watch the scary video below.

In the Instagram video from the concert, you can see an overzealous fan try to grab hold of Swift’s left leg, but thankfully missing. Swift was clearly frightened by the incident and stopped singing for a brief moment. But being the professional she is she turned around and continued performing.

According to the person who captured it all on video, security guards quickly removed the fan from arena. “Some crazy town grabbed at Swifty Swift tonight! Jeez buddy, keep your hands to yourself,” read the caption alongside the video.

Later on Tuesday, Swift happily posed for photos backstage with five-year-old Ava Hadfield, who has been battling brain cancer since 2012. The young fan said she listens to Swift’s music to keep her spirits up, and wrote on her bucket list that she wanted to meet the pop star. Hadfield’s parents were able to arrange for the little girl to not only go to Swift’s concert, but to also have a meet-and-greet with Swift backstage.

Check out the video below of a fan trying to grab Taylor Swift while she sang “Bad Blood,” and tell us what you think.


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