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Taylor Swift is not only planning a wedding, but she's already asked Gigi Hadid to be her maid of honor. That's the premise of a new tabloid story. But Gossip Cop has learned it's inaccurate on both counts.

According to Star, Swift "isn't even engaged" to boyfriend Joe Alwyn yet, but she's "already planning her wedding." A so-called "source" claims, "Taylor is head over heels for Joe. She can't help but dream about getting hitched and who'd she put in her wedding party." That's where Hadid supposedly comes in. The magazine alleges Swift "popped the question to her model BFF during a recent sleepover" at the superstar's apartment in New York City.

"They ordered takeout and were just having some fun girl time when Taylor asked Gigi if she would be her maid of honor," contends the unnamed insider. This purported tipster goes on to assert Hadid "immediately said yes," and claims they "spent the rest of the evening fantasizing about a wedding and giggling. "Gigi is thrilled for Taylor; she's never seen her so happy," adds the outlet's "source."

While Gossip Cop has no doubt Hadid would be "thrilled" for Swift if she really was getting married, there is no proof that she actually is. Just hours before this article was published, we examined a number of wrong wedding rumors involving Swift, noting that the gossip media is always trying to marry her off. But, as we pointed out, E! Online reported in March that Swift and Alwyn were not ready to get married. There is no evidence that has changed, and no reputable publication has reported otherwise.

In fact, it's telling that that this story is about Swift supposedly "planning her wedding," yet the only detail alleged is that Hadid will be in the bridal party. When are these nuptials being held? Where is Swift envisioning her big day will take place? What other celebrities will be involved in the ceremony? Neither the magazine nor its "source" seem to know any of this key information.

That's probably because this narrative was only manufactured because Hadid was seen leaving Swift's NYC apartment with her earlier this month. It seems the outlet concocted this wedding-themed sleepover storyline around that sighting. What the publication doesn't acknowledge, though, is that Swift and Hadid's hangout included other pals, such as Martha Hunt and Este Haim. Yet they aren't mentioned in the story at all.

The tabloid also doesn't say anything about previous stories in which it claimed Swift caused Hadid's split with Zayn Malik, and that Hadid was upset over their collaboration. Clearly, not only does Star have a horrible track record, but there are more holes in this article than can sink a ship. That's likely why Swift's rep laughed off this wedding story when Gossip Cop inquired about it.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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