Taylor Swift Did NOT Gift Charli XCX Just Tour Merchandise, Despite Reports

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Taylor Swift Gift Charli XCX

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift Gift Charli XCX

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Taylor Swift did not just give Charli XCX her own tour merchandise as a gift for performing with her during her 1989 tour, despite several inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claims, as well as reveal what expensive presents Swift actually gave the “Boom Clap” singer.

In an article on Galore magazine’s website, which cites Charli XCX’s recent cover story with The Fader, it says that as a thank-you for appearing with Swift during her October 3 concert in Toronto, she received a “bunch of Taylor Swift merch… sent by the artist herself, a pop giant reaching out to someone figuring out how she might be one.” Galore then editorializes, “Right, because it’s totally normal to send your friends T-shirts and towels with your face on them, and not at all a thinly veiled message that you’re the star in the relationship, no matter what trajectories your careers take in the future.” The magazine’s site adds, “And hey, if you’re gonna insist on sending someone tour merch instead of chocolate and flowers like a normal person, at least make it cool tour merch.”

Actually, while The Fader only mentioned the merchandise, Gossip Cop investigated and a trusted source on Swift’s tour tells us Charli XCX got much more. “Charli was sent a limited-edition bottle of Dom Perignon [champagne], a beautifully framed photograph of them from stage and the merchandise was for her family,” leaks our insider. Oh, and memory serves Gossip Cop correctly, Swift also flew Charli XCX to the Toronto concert in a private jet.


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