Taylor Swift Friendship With Ed Sheeran NOT Over Because Of Katy Perry, Despite Claim

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Taylor Swift Friendship Ed Sheeran

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift Friendship Ed Sheeran

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Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are still close pals, despite a new tabloid story that falsely alleges she’s “losing all her friends.” According to OK!, Sheeran’s “relationship with ‘enemy’ Katy Perry” has enraged Swift. But it’s untrue, and Gossip Cop has the proof.

The magazine contends that “Swift has been MIA” because a number of her squad members have ditched her, with Sheeran being the latest friend to be “biting the dust.” A so-called “insider” alleges to the magazine, “Sheeran has defected and is buddying up” with Perry, leaving Swift “furious.” The publication further claims that when Sheeran and Swift finally connect, he’s “definitely going to get a telling off.”

But that’s simply not the case. Swift and Sheeran remain “good friends,” a pal of his tells Gossip Cop. Additionally, the two even gushed about each other in a recent Rolling Stone cover story about Sheeran. In the article, Swift mentioned how they have “each other’s backs,” and Sheeran noted, “I always stick up for Taylor.”

Frankly, OK! does not have a stellar track record when it comes to Swift. Among its many inaccurate reports Gossip Cop has busted was a 2014 cover story that wrongly maintained Swift was dating Karlie Kloss. Not only was that 100 percent false, but so too was a cover story in November 2016 that untruthfully claimed Swift was pregnant. Much like those articles, the current one about Swift and Sheeran no longer being friends because of Perry is also off-key.

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