Taylor Swift Upset Over Kim Kardashian Forbes Cover?

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Taylor Swift Forbes Kim Kardashian Cover

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Forbes Kim Kardashian Cover

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Is Taylor Swift upset over Kim Kardashian’s Forbes cover? A new report claims their feud has “reignite[d]” after Kardashian “scored a major win” and the “ultimate revenge.” Gossip Cop can exclusively reveal the truth.

“Just when Taylor Swift thought that she had no more ‘Bad Blood’ with the Kardashian family, Kim Kardashian has delivered the final blow to her opponent — and it’s a knock out,” reads a dramatic story from RadarOnline. It’s said the singer is “seeing red” because Kardashian “landed the coveted cover for the 2016 Top 100 Celebrity Earners issue — despite the fact that Swift FAR outranked her.”

“What Kim wants, Kim gets. Taylor was expecting this cover, and she wanted it BAD, but the editors knew that they needed something better than Taylor,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. It’s further alleged Kardashian and the magazine purposefully hid the cover plans from Swift because “they did not want Taylor to create drama over it.”

RadarOnline, however, left out two important details. Swift has actually appeared on the cover of Forbes before, back in 2010. And Kardashian’s appearance on the cover of the current issue is tied to a big story about mobile gaming, not the Celebrity 100.

But most importantly, Gossip Cop has learned that the webloid has the sequence of events all wrong. While the site claims Swift was “expecting” the cover position and Kardashian secretly beat her out, in actuality, the reality star was the second choice. An impeccable contact exclusively tells Gossip Cop, “Taylor passed on the Forbes cover, which was then offered to Kim.”

Kardashian didn’t “win,” but merely received the opportunity after Swift turned it down. So, no, the singer is not “upset” that her frenemy scored a magazine cover that she didn’t even want. Gossip Cop isn’t surprised that RadarOnline had this story totally wrong, as the outlet has repeatedly demonstrated it does not have reliable Kardashian or Swift sources.

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