Taylor Swift, Drake Flirting Claim Is Late And Wrong

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Drake Taylor Swift Flirting

By Holly Nicol |

Drake Taylor Swift Flirting

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Taylor Swift and Drake were NOT flirting at the rapper’s 30th birthday party, despite yet another inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

“Drake and Taylor’s Flirt Fest!” reads a headline in this week’s Star, which alleges the pair were caught flirting with one another at Drake’s birthday bash in Los Angeles on October 23. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid they have “known each other for years, and they’ve always been tight,” but it was supposedly “pretty obvious from the way they were talking that night that something had changed.” What’s more, the publication contends Swift “commanded” Drake’s attention all night, despite being surrounded by his closest family and friends. “She greeted him with a huge hug and kiss, and then barely left his side,” adds the outlet’s supposed insider.

Additionally, the magazine’s questionable “source” claims, “Drake even introduced [Swift] to his mom, Sandi, before he brought her over to the DJ booth where they flirted up a storm.” The pair made “plans to meet up later that night,” further alleges the publication’s “source.” “Taylor has told her friends that she’s taking an indefinite break from dating, but you wouldn’t think so after seeing her with Drake,” continues the tipster.

But, despite Star’s claim, the two were not flirting with one another at Drake’s birthday party, nor are they dating. As Gossip Cop previously pointed out, Swift and Drake are certainly not music’s next power couple, and the current assertion is simply late and wrong. A source close to Swift exclusively assured us when we first busted this inaccurate claim that she and Drake are “just friends.”

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Taylor Swift and Drake were flirting at his 30th birthday party.


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