Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian Feud Over Vogue?

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Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Vogue Feud

By Shari Weiss |

Kim Kardashian Taylor Swift Vogue Feud

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Are Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian in a “vicious new feud”? A report published Thursday claims the frenemies are now in a “bitter new fight” over Vogue magazine. Gossip Cop can separate the fact from the fiction.

According to RadarOnline, this alleged new battle is “all over who will appear on the cover of Vogue.” A so-called “insider” is quoted as saying editor Anna Wintour “has gone cool on Kimye after his tasteless ‘Famous’ video, but she’s reluctant to close the door on the couple because their Vogue cover was one of their biggest-selling issues in history.” Meanwhile, it’s said Wintour’s daughter, Bee Shaffer, believes Swift is the more “solid” cover star.

And so, the supposed source claims mother and daughter are “struggling to decide on who’s side to take” in what’s called the “ultimate popularity contest.” The alleged tipster says, “The race is on for Taylor and Kim to win favor with Anna and they’re neck and neck. We will see whose side Anna and Bee land on based on which of the two women they are willing to feature on the cover next.”

“Even though they just had Taylor on the cover it’s going to be one of those things where Anna can let her support be known in the most passive aggressive way possible — which is exactly how she likes it,” claims the outlet’s snitch. The webloid, however, further notes, “Wintour has decided that her best course of action is to just sit back and see how the Swift-Kardashian standoff pans out before making her final decision.”

That’s really another way of saying this is a non-story. RadarOnline and its “source” claim it’s a “race” for Kardashian and Swift to “win favor” with Wintour, but also allege the magazine maven doesn’t plan on taking any action and will see how the stars’ ongoing feud unfolds. Those two concepts don’t really work together.

Regardless, Wintour is not going to make decisions for a major brand based on a dispute between two celebrities, something Swift and Kardashian obviously both know. But if and when either of them appears on a Vogue cover next, Gossip Cop is sure RadarOnline will try to paint it as some kind of feud victory for the star featured. After all, that’s what the site did last month.

The webloid claimed Swift was upset over Kardashian’s Forbes cover, with it being claimed the reality star beat the singer out for the prime spot. But if the publication had real and reliable sources, it would’ve known, as Gossip Cop learned, that Swift actually turned down the cover position before Kardashian was even asked. Both then and now RadarOnline was simply looking for another “feud” angle, regardless of accuracy and legitimacy.

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