Taylor Swift, Katy Perry Feud Fueled By Made-Up HollywoodLife Stories

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Taylor Swift Katy Perry Feud HollywoodLife

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Katy Perry Feud HollywoodLife

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HollywoodLife is trying to fuel the Taylor Swift – Katy Perry feud by making up stories about the pop stars. Gossip Cop can expose this fake news.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Swift and Perry’s feud reached a new level this week after years of on-and-off rivalry. After Perry ripped Swift in an NME interview published on Thursday, Swift’s camp announced that night that she was putting all of her music back on streaming platforms at midnight Friday, the same time Perry’s new album would be released. Unsurprisingly, their respective fan groups have been warring on Twitter as a result.

HollywoodLife first tried to exploit the situation by rounding up some of the disses from both sides. The site’s goal seemed to be to rile up the fan bases even further. Then, after luring them in, the webloid offered back-to-back “exclusive” stories in which the outlet pretended to have inside knowledge of what was going on between the two superstars.

“Katy Perry Convinced Taylor Swift Released Music On Spotify To ‘Get Under Her Skin,'” read the headline of the first story. Based on a so-called “insider,” the online publication alleged Perry believed the timing of Swift’s return to streaming sites was “no accident.” The piece went on to detail Perry’s supposed reaction to her foe’s actions.

The second article, published right after the first, was titled, “Taylor Swift Wants Katy Perry To Get Over It & ‘Move On’: She’s Milking The Feud ‘To Sell Albums.'” This story was all about Swift’s perspective, with the webloid purporting to have a “source” who knew all of the songstress’ feelings about Perry’s latest comments.

But the problem is the same problem that often arises with “exclusives” from HollywoodLies: These “insiders” and “sources” typically aren’t real. Rather, they are often imaginary people to whom the site attributes fictional and invented quotes. Gossip Cop has confirmed repeatedly that Swift’s inner circle is not communicating with the outlet about Perry or any other personal matters.

And for her part, Perry is saying what she wants to say in interviews and TV appearances, not to mention during her ongoing live stream this weekend. She doesn’t need anyone talking to HollywoodLies, of all places, on her behalf on this or any other subject. But the publication knows feuding celebrities often make for good business. And so these stories are designed to keep the rivalry going and traffic growing.

HollywoodLies engages the fandoms by offering both pro-Swift and pro-Perry stories, and attracts the attention of Google by publishing original content on the topic. That content, however, is simply fake. And Swift and Perry’s feud is dramatic enough without the fabrication factory fueling it further with bogus stories designed just to capitalize on the situation. Readers and fans, beware.

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