Taylor Swift NOT Feuding With Carrie Underwood, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Feud Carrie Underwood

By Michael Lewittes |

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Taylor Swift is not in a feud with Carrie Underwood, despite a newly fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this made-up claim. We’re told it is “not true.”

According to the National Enquirer, Swift has “bad blood boiling with fellow singer Carrie Underwood, and it’s all over her dissing Taylor’s DJ lover, Calvin Harris.” The supermarket tabloid further states, Swift is “seething because Carrie had the nerve to trash-talk her relationship” with Harris. The outlet then has a seemingly concocted “insider” quoted as saying in unnatural language, “There’s never been any love lost between Taylor and Carrie, but things have become icier than ever between the longtime music rivals, because Taylor overheard backstabbing snickers that Carrie disrespected Calvin and called her romance with the hip Scottish DJ/songwriter a ‘faux-mance.'”

But that’s not all of the tabloid’s completely fake-sounding quotes. The repeatedly discredited magazine has its dubious “confidante” claim, “Normally, Taylor wouldn’t care too much about backstage babble, but Carrie really rubs her the wrong way.” The outlet’s questionable “insider” adds, “The two have managed to keep their mutual distaste for one another under wraps.”

Gossip Cop was initially suspicious of the tabloid’s tale when it supposedly had real-life people saying absurdly phony-sounding phrases such as, “Taylor overheard backstabbing snickers” and referring to Harris as “the hip Scottish DJ/songwriter.” No actual person would use bizarre sentences like that, including one that involves a slash. In any event, Gossip Cop investigates every story, and an actual Swift insider exclusively assures us the magazine’s story is “not true,” adding, “There is no feud.”

Of course, this is hardly the first time the Enquirer has been caught publishing a fictitious tale about Swift. In the past, for example, Gossip Cop busted the magazine for wrongly reporting that Swift was going to be in remakes of Pretty Woman and Gone With The Wind, and co-star with Julia Roberts in The Secret In Their Eyes. Years have past and none of those claims proved to be remotely true. Nor was there any validity to the outlet’s yarns about Swift wanting to date Leonardo DiCaprio or Harris “ordering” his girlfriend to “bulk up” her butt. Much like those stories and many more, whether one has hypertension or not, take the tabloid’s reporting about Swift with a grain of salt.


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