Taylor Swift Fans Support Singer After Revealing Mom’s Cancer Diagnosis

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Taylor Swift Mom Andrea Finlay Cancer

By Minyvonne Burke |

Taylor Swift Mom Andrea Finlay Cancer

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Taylor Swift’s fans are showing the singer their love and support after she revealed on Thursday that her mom was diagnosed with cancer. As Gossip Cop reported, the 25-year-old singer sadly disclosed, via Tumblr, that her mom Andrea Finlay has “an important battle to fight.”

Shortly after Swift’s announcement, hundreds of her fans took to Twitter to offer up words of encouragement, making the phrase #PrayForMamaSwift trend. Check out Swift’s fans’ reactions below, and share your thoughts as well.

One fan named “Tas” tweeted, “I’m just feeling so lost for words. #PrayForMamaSwift… you’ll fight through this.” While Ashley Samples added, “I can’t even fathom what @taylorswift and her family are going through! Just know that I love you and will be praying.” And a Swift supporter, who goes by the name “A,” wrote, “She’s like the fandom’s second mom Lord pls help her #PrayForMamaSwift (stay strong bby @taylorswift13).”

“Swifites are always here for you TaylorS. No matter what happen. We love you swift family,” wrote “Style” on Twitter. Meanwhile, “Always classy” expressed, “Don’t know how long it’s gonna take to feel okay. #PrayForMamaSwift.” And “Hanny Hnn Hannah” noted, “@taylorswift13 your mom treated me so well and ill never forget how great she made me feel. Im saying a prayer and keeping you in my thoughts.”

A number of celebrities, as well, offered their thoughts and prayers. Mindy Kaling tweeted, “@taylorswift13 stay strong. Love to your Mom.” And singer Brooke Curry said, “Sending love to @taylorswift13 and her family. I remember when my mom found out. Still creates a knot in my chest when I think about it.”

Actress Manoela Gavassi also tweeted, “@taylorswift13 all my love to you and you mom in this moment. I’ll pray for her and I’m sure she will win this.” “Praying for @taylorswift13 and her family as her mom is going to kick cancer’s a$$!! Once you’re in the country family, you’re always in!” added country singer Gannon Adams.


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