Taylor Swift Fans Surprised With Concert Tickets By ‘Today’ After Getting Scammed (VIDEO)

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Taylor Swift fans surprise tickets today show

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift fans surprise tickets today show


Two Taylor Swift fans were surprised by the “Today” show with tickets to the singer’s special Halloween concert in Tampa, Florida, after the 15-year-olds cousins, Hailey and Chloe, were scammed with counterfeit tickets. Hailey’s mom bought tickets online when she was unable to get seats to Swift’s sold-out 1989 concert in Houston. She even shelled out $1,000 for the seats. But when the cousins arrived at Minute Maid Park on September 9, they shockingly found out the tickets were fake. Watch the video below.

The “Today” show’s investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen not only did a piece on how scammers are ripping off fans online to Swift concerts (and other performers, including Ariana Grande and Billy Joel), but he then surprised Chloe, Hailey and the rest of their family with seats to the “Bad Blood” singer’s Halloween concert at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. What’s more, the “Today” show is also picking up the tab for the family to fly to Tampa and stay at a hotel.

Before Rossen’s surprise, we learned Hailey’s mom saved up all year to buy the girls the tickets, if they got good grades. They did more than that, with both making the Honor Roll. The cousins were so excited, they even had a countdown on their phones for nearly a year until they were supposed to see Swift in concert in Houston.

The tears of sadness they had even recalling being turned away from the ticket gate became tears of joy when Rossen and the “Today” show surprised them with seats to the Tampa concert. Rossen, whose unit often does undercover segments and consumer safety demos, tells Gossip Cop, “Our investigations are all about helping people.” A father himself, Rossen says, “Imagine, in a teenager’s mind, how devastating it was” to get to the stadium and find out the tickets were counterfeit.

But thanks to him and his team, the story ended happily for the cousins, who Rossen says had “no idea” the “Today” show was going to surprise them with tickets. And they’re not just any tickets. Rossen tells Gossip Cop the teens will have “amazing seats, right on the field” when Swift takes the stage on Halloween.

He also notes it was a very emotional experience. As soon as he told them, “So we got you tickets,” Rossen says they were “tearing up immediately… their reaction was instantaneous.”

Check out the video below of two of Swift’s biggest fans getting seats to her upcoming Halloween show after being duped by counterfeit tickets, and tell Gossip Cop what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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