Are Taylor Swift and Emma Stone "at war" while planning their respective weddings? That's what one of the tabloids is claiming. Gossip Cop has learned the truth.

According to Heat, Swift and Stone have had a falling out as they head for a so-called "bridal battle." Stone recently announced her engagement to Saturday Night Live writer Dave McCary, while Swift has been dating actor Joe Alwyn for a few years. The singer isn't even engaged to her boyfriend, but an alleged insider still insists the two women are "set to race each other to the altar."

"Emma and Taylor have both said they'd like to get married next year, which means they've suddenly found themselves at war over planning their weddings," says the supposed source. "Taylor got wind that Emma had sent out a few early invites to some of their mutual celebrity friends, and it immediately triggered her into speeding things up with her own plans. As she and Joe have been together longer, Taylor feels that it's her who should get married first. But at the moment, in terms of planning and making decisions, Emma seems to be way ahead."

The "insider" goes on to say Swift is worried that their mutual friends, including Jennifer Lawrence, won't come to her wedding "if the dates are too close together." This assertion makes very little sense. A true pal isn't skipping their friend's wedding because they just attended a different one. Still, the seemingly made-up tipster adds, "Emma doesn't feel she should change anything about her wedding plans - she's not sure if Taylor and Joe are definitely going to get married yet, so she doesn't see why she should wait."

As noted above, Swift isn't engaged - so the tabloid's premise doesn't make much sense. Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who laughed off the magazine's bogus article. It's also impossible to trust Heat, considering the magazine reported in January that Stone was dating actor Richard Madden. The La La Land star has been in a relationship with McCary for nearly three years. If the magazine wasn't aware in January that Stone had a boyfriend, how exactly does it know about her wedding plans?

Meanwhile, this idea of two stars racing each other to the altar is a tired tabloid trope. In April, another publication claimed Swift was racing Katy Perry to the altar. Now the singer is being pitted against Stone, but the scenario is no more accurate.

Earlier this year, Gossip Cop debunked a story about Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson feuding over their weddings. Lawrence got married in October, while Johansson's plans are unknown at this time. There was no conflict between the two. It's unclear why the tabloids feel the need to use weddings to create fake fights between female stars.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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