Taylor Swift Plays Easter Egg Game With Brother – Watch Battle Video

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Taylor Swift Easter Egg Battle

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift played “Easter Egg Battles” on Saturday night, a game that had her smashing an egg against another held by her brother Austin, with the loser being the one whose egg cracked first. Swift posted three rounds of her “Easter Egg Battles” against Austin, which give a good glimpse into how competitive the singer is. Watch the three videos below.

In the first round and video, Swift and her brother establish the rules of the game, and we see the singer triumph as she and Austin smash their eggs against each other. Swift exclaims, “Ha!” after his egg is cracked. Swift titled the second battle, “A devastating loss,” because her egg broke after contact with Austin’s. Unhappy about losing, she explained her egg “went to battle before. This isn’t fair. I used this one last round.”

That set up the third and final round of “Easter Egg Battle” between Swift and her brother. In the last and deciding battle, Austin kept moving back, prompting Swift to warn, “It’s against the rules” to get out of position. “Ground yourself,” she told her brother before smashing her egg against his. So, who won Taylor Swift’s 2016 “Easter Egg Battles”? Check out the videos below to see who the victor was. NOTE: The videos are no longer available.


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