Taylor Swift Did NOT Tell Anyone She’s “Disappointed” About Selena Gomez Seeing Justin Bieber, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

By Andrew Shuster |

Taylor Swift Justin Bieber Selena Gomez

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Taylor Swift did not tell anyone she’s “disappointed” that her friend Selena Gomez was spotted with Justin Bieber on Saturday by the pool of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, despite a totally made-up story. Gossip Cop is told the report is 100 perfect fabricated.

According to the source made up by HollywoodLife, Swift is “worried about her tour stop tonight but has heard that [Justin and Selena] got together and she gave the reaction that was basically full of disappointment. People around her are saying Taylor is showing a ‘what the f–k!?’ type attitude.”

Gossip Cop is not going to belabor this much more. First off, Swift is not performing “tonight” (Sunday). She played concerts in New Jersey on Friday and Saturday and her next tour dates are Monday and Tuesday in Washington, DC. Basically, the laughably bad webloid was so busy making up its story, it didn’t even bother to check when her concerts were.

And remember, HollywoodLies, as its known, was the same blog that Gossip Cop busted over and over again when it previously manufactured a fake feud that never ever, ever existed between Gomez and Taylor. In fact, Gomez has even gone on the record to say, “Hollywood life is never true. Ever.”

Regardless, Gossip Cop checked in with our impeccable Swift sources, who have repeatedly given us accurate information while pointing out HollywoodLies’ fabrications. Our insider scoffed at the idea that the webloid has any idea what Swift is or isn’t thinking, and assures Gossip Cop that the blog’s latest tale is also “made up… not true.”

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Taylor Swift is disappointed Selena Gomez was spotted with Justin Bieber.


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