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Is Taylor Swift planning to elope with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn? Gossip Cop has looked into the latest rumor about the pop singer. We can correct the narrative.

Taylor Swift's Rush To Marriage

According to Heat, the singer-songwriter is making a “swift” leap down the aisle. The publication says Taylor Swift is going ahead with her plans to wed Joe Alwyn, despite the current pandemic. The magazine’s insiders state the singer and her boyfriend can’t wait to say “I, Do” so they’re planning to do a “quickie” wedding instead. The outlet insists the ceremony "won’t be more than five minutes, tops."

“They’d plan something in the U.K. but with the travel ban in place, they’ve moved to plan B,” the tabloid’s insider says. The unnamed source went on to say that Swift and Alwyn are looking at the possibility of holding a Zoom wedding or “throwing something intimate and low-key” in Nashville. The magazine source further states Swift is still keen on throwing a “massive” wedding in the future but right now, the only thing that matters to her is becoming Mrs. Alwyn.

“Joe was afraid Taylor would be disappointed without the big white wedding, but she assured him that she doesn’t need a big show,” says the tipster adding, “So long as they have each other, that’s enough for her.”

What's The Truth? We Can Set The Record Straight

Its interesting Heat would put out this recent tale that Taylor Swift was eloping when just last week the tabloid claimed Blake Lively was planning an actual wedding for Swift and Alwyn. The publication stated Swift and Alwyn were “unofficially” engaged for six months but had no proof of this or the notion that Lively was “planning” a wedding for Swift. The outlet is now changing its entire narrative by saying Swift is eloping, making no mention of its previous bogus claim involving Lively. Obviously, Heat is all over the place with its inaccurate reports on the “Shake It Off” singer.

This is also isn’t the only time the magazine alleged Swift was marrying Alwyn. A few months ago, we busted the unreliable publication for claiming Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were marrying in a North London pub. The story purported Swift was going to have a low-key ceremony in North London with just a handful of family and friends. Gossip Cop reached out to a source close to Swift who confirmed the story wasn’t true.

Last December, Heat ran the narrative that Emma Stone was at war with Swift over the planning of their respective weddings. A supposed insider told the tabloid the two were “set to race each other to the altar” but Gossip Cop pointed out that Swift isn’t even engaged to Alwyn. We dismissed the phony story at the time. Once again, time has shown our reporting to be more accurate. This tabloid should just give up, it's obviously clueless.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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