Taylor Swift is not "copying" Kim Kardashian's style, despite a ridiculous report that wrongly contends the singer is "channeling" the reality star. Gossip Cop can exclusively set the record straight.

According to the habitually disproven HollywoodLife, Swift is "taking a page out of Kardashian's fashion book." And, as opposed to many of its other questionable stories, this time around the site doesn't even have a so-called "source" to backup its bogus contention. So, what's its evidence? The singer was photographed with her friend wearing a "camouflage jacket, an army-colored body suit and a black miniskirt," which looked a "lot like an outfit Kim had previously worn to one of Kanye's New York Fashion Week shows."

That's the entirety of the blog's supposed proof. Still, the unreliable website goes on to speculate that Swift might "just be a fan of camouflage," but her outfit could be sending "some sort of subliminal message" to Kardashian. "It's very possible Taylor was purposely mimicking Kim's style," concludes the outlet.

Let Gossip Cop explain what's really going on here. HollywoodLies, a nickname the site has earned as a result of its penchant for posting fake news, noticed a similarity between an outfit Swift had worn and another previously sported by Kardashian, and seemingly concocted the backstory of the singer "channeling" or sending a "subliminal message" to Kardashian. That's it. Still, a source tells us that Swift's outfit in her friend's photo has nothing to do with Kardashian, adding the outlet is majorly "reaching" by accusing the singer of copying the reality star's fashion sense.

Of course, this isn't the first time HollywoodLies has posted a bogus report about Kardashian and her "rival" Swift. In August, for example, Gossip Cop corrected the unreliable website when it ridiculously maintain Kardashian was "fighting for followers" with Swift on Instagram. And just yesterday, we called out the blog for a tall tale about Kardashian being "curious" about Swift's new album. Much like those untrue and manufactured stories, this latest article is similarly misguided.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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