Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy NOT Getting Back Together, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Conor Kennedy Back Together

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Conor Kennedy Back Together

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Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are NOT getting back together, despite a report falsely claiming the singer wants to reunite with her ex. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

“Taylor Swift Aching To Date Conor Kennedy Again After His Arrest,” reads the ridiculous headline from RadarOnline. According to the webloid, Swift “wants to ride back into Camelot after seeing ex-squeeze Conor Kennedy’s ‘sexy’ mug shot.” A so-called “source” is quoted as telling the site, “Taylor’s confessed she finds him hotter than ever after his bad boy moment.”

“Taylor has always regretted the way she and Conor parted ways,” adds the alleged tipster. And now, says the online publication, “Taylor’s gunning for another shot at the spawn of America’s first family.” But if any of this sounds familiar, it’s because the National Enquirer peddled these very same quotes in an issue published nearly three weeks ago.

RadarOnline is just regurgitating its sister outlet’s tall tale. What’s more, though, is the webloid is guilty of spreading already-debunked misinformation. Indeed, Gossip Cop busted the National Enquirer earlier this month for wrongly alleging Swift wanted a reunion with Kennedy. Repeating the claims again now doesn’t make them any more accurate, as two wrongs certainly don’t make a right. Swift and Kennedy are not getting back together, period.

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