Taylor Swift NOT “Getting Cozy” With Backup Dancer, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Backup Dancer

By Andrew Shuster |

Taylor Swift Backup Dancer

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Taylor Swift is not “getting cozy” with one of her 1989 World Tour backup dancers, despite a fabricated report from one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop can correct this story. We’re told it’s “not true.”

Swift is currently dating DJ Calvin Harris, so in an effort to stir up nonexistent relationship drama, Star has created a tall tale about a “secret backup boy” that Swift supposedly flirts with behind her boyfriend’s back. “She calls him her ‘tour guy,'” a so-called “insider” tells the tabloid, adding, “They’ve got a ton of chemistry and electricity, and she’s been openly flirting with him in front of everyone.”

The magazine’s questionable “source” goes on to claim that other male dancers from the tour have been chastising their peer for “canoodling with the boss.” For good measure, the tabloid alleges Swift makes the mysterious backup dancer give her “foot and neck rubs,” and has him “wrapped around her little finger… just how she likes it.”

Gossip Cop corrected a similarly inaccurate Star story this past May, which essentially had the same language but it was supposedly Harris who was “getting cozy” with a mystery women.

Anyway, Gossip Cop reached out to a Swift source, who assures us that the cheating allegations are nonsense. There is no “secret backup boy.” Our impeccable insider says the tabloid’s story is simply “not true.”


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