Taylor Swift NOT Dating Calvin Harris

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Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Not Dating

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Not Dating

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Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are NOT a “new couple,” despite a false rumor circulating online. Gossip Cop can correct the nonsense, which stems from the pair being seen together at last week’s Brit Awards.

Picking up a story from Heat, RadarOnline declares, “New couple alert! Taylor Swift may have found her next pop album muse, ladies and gents.” According to the outlets, Swift “was seen getting very cozy” with Harris at a Brits after-party, where they allegedly “went from holding hands, to dancing and finally segued into some very romantic touching.”

RadarOnline claims Heat’s “sources” saw “Harris leaving the party’s VIP area holding Swift’s hand just an hour into the festivities. The hit-maker led Swift and pals Karlie Kloss and Ellie Goulding to the dance floor where things began heating up.” Swift and Harris then supposedly had “an eight-minute conversation in which the two couldn’t keep their eyes off one another,” and the singer “flaunted her sexy moves to ’99 Problems’ by Jay Z as Harris’ hand drifted from the singer’s shoulders to her backside.”

“An hour later, they had retreated to the VIP area once more and didn’t reemerge for the remainder of the evening,” the webloid further claims. All that was enough for RadarOnline to declare Swift and Harris would “make a perfect pair,” and even suggest that the songstress could steal the EDM star from his girlfriend. “We bet she’d win this war if she wanted to,” the site writes gleefully.

That’s right. Harris has a girlfriend. And to recap RadarOnline’s other non-evidence of this allegedly blossoming “new couple”: Swift and Harris danced with friends and shared a conversation at a party, and they remained in the VIP area for a time. Why, they must be on the road to getting married! Please. This is ridiculous.

It’s pretty telling that not one other outlet claimed to see something “romantic” between the stars in the week since the awards, and that the only picture to emerge of them together at the party is one in which they’re talking to Mick Jagger (see below). That’s because there is NOTHING going on between Swift and Harris, and RadarOnline and Heat just did exactly what the superstar hates. As Gossip Cop reported, Swift just confirmed to The Telegraph that she’s single and doesn’t see dating in her immediate future.

But more importantly, she slammed those who read more into her friendships with male stars. Referring to recent photos of herself with Hozier during Grammys weekend, Swift said, “I just got so freaked out that people were going to say I was dating him. I started thinking, ‘I can’t let this ruin my friendships with dudes.’ I didn’t let it ruin my friendship with Ed [Sheeran] — they always said we were dating and we never were. But sometimes I get really scared.”

Swift wasn’t dating Sheeran. She wasn’t dating Hozier. She’s not dating Harris. And she’s allowed to have platonic relationships with male celebs. Hopefully know-nothing tabloids like Heat and RadarOnline will finally get the message.

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris Dating

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