Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Did NOT “Break Up,” Despite Rumors

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Taylor Swift Break Up Calvin Harris May 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Break Up Calvin Harris May 2016

(New York Post)

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris did NOT break up, despite rumors. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the speculation.

The New York Post accuses Swift of “spark[ing] breakup rumors after partying solo” at the Met Ball earlier this week. The tabloid claims “fashionistas were buzzing” about a “split” when Swift “attended the Met Gala solo,” opting to hang out with friends ranging from Haim to Tom Hiddleston. The outlet even point-blank asked on Twitter on Thursday morning, “Did #TaylorSwift and #CalvinHarris break up?”

But the paper knows Swift and Harris haven’t split. The New York Post just wanted to stir the pot on social media and score some clicks for its website. And it’s worth noting that virtually no other media outlet has suggested that the singer’s solo appearance meant she and Harris had broken up.

In fact, they were seen together as the deejay drove with Swift in the passenger seat in Beverly Hills on Wednesday. The couple is very much still together. They just don’t feel the need to attend every event together, as evidenced by things like Harris not accompanying Swift to the Grammys earlier this year.

Furthermore, it can also be argued that the Met Gala was Swift’s night to shine, as she was the honorary co-chair. It’s entirely possible that attending together would’ve have overshadowed the hard work she put in for the event. Regardless, the bottom line is that Swift and Harris have absolutely NOT broken up, which Gossip Cop has exclusively confirmed with an impeccable source close to the couple.


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