Taylor Swift “New” Booty From Injection Shots?

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Taylor Swift Booty Injections

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Booty Injections

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Does Taylor Swift have a “new” booty thanks to secret shots from injections? That’s the claim coming a webloid that has a clear obsession with the superstar’s behind. Gossip Cop can take you through it all, from top to bottom.

In April 2016, MediaTakeOut falsely accused Swift of getting butt implants to impress then-boyfriend Calvin Harris. A few months later, the site peddled a similarly wrong story about Swift undergoing butt surgery for the benefit of Tom Hiddleston. Most recently, just last month MediaFakeOut posted another untrue narrative about Swift getting her butt “enhanced.” Gossip Cop rightly busted all three pieces of fiction.

Now the outlet is serving up some more bum claims about Swift’s posterior. The publication is blaring in a barely comprehensible headline on Friday, “Taylor Swift Shows Off Her ‘NEW’ Booty… What Do You THINK… Did She Get It From SQUATS… Or SHOTS??? (Real Or FAKE)” The brief accompanying story asserts, “Pop singer Taylor Swift is PROUD of her more shapely body. She took to social media to show off her new found curves. Almost immediately after she posted the pics, people started speculating that her new butt may be a result of PLASTIC SURGERY. What do you think – is it REAL or FAKE??”

MediaFakeOut then tells readers “here’s the new Taylor body,” but all there is is blank space. (And, yes, that’s a Swift pun.) The ridiculous online publication is claiming Swift has a “new booty” based on photos, yet doesn’t actually include the snapshots in its post. Gossip Cop can only assume the webloid was trying to refer to photos Swift shared on Instagram and in an Instagram story. In both pictures, Swift is wearing the same nude body suit she had on when the site laughably claimed she was actually naked in her new music video. The shape of the costume could be responsible for any perceived minor change in the size of the singer’s derriere, but the truth is that, photo or no photo, MTO is once again wrong.

Swift’s butt didn’t change from implants in 2016, nor did it change from surgery. It didn’t change from enhancements last month, and it didn’t change from injection shots now. And no legitimate outlet is claiming it either. Regardless, Gossip Cop is told by a reliable Swift source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, that all of these allegations, including the latest one, are false. It isn’t clear why MediaFakeOut is so fixated on Swift’s rear-end, except perhaps because of a desire to draw in readers with clickbait. But the repeated focus on a woman’s body part, especially when paired with inaccurate claims, is disturbing.

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