Taylor Swift Boob Job Claim False

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Taylor Swift Boob Job 2016

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Boob Job 2016

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Taylor Swift did NOT get a boob job, despite a report claiming she recently got breast implants. Gossip Cop can BUST this story.

“Take That Calvin! Taylor Has Gone From ‘An A Cup To A C-Cup,’ Top Docs Claim,” blares a headline from RadarOnline, which writes, “Less than one month after breaking it off with Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift’s already got herself a new man — and according to top doctors, some new breasts too!” The sensational (and false) piece is designed as a photo gallery for readers to “click through 10 busty photos” to see why “three top plastic surgeons” who have NEVER even met Swift “believe she’s had a recent boob job.”

Apparently unfamiliar with push-up bras, the site writes that Swift was “busting out of her tight red crop top at a Selena Gomez concert in Nashville, Tennessee, with new boytoy, Tom Hiddleston, this past week.” And so, one doctor concludes, “Taylor definitely appears to have had a breast augmentation. She seems to have gone from an A-cup to a small C-cup in size, quite possibly due to a recent breast enhancement.”

Well, RadarOnline might want to enhance its “reporting.” Its doctors aren’t even consistent, with another surgeon speculating Swift went “from a B-cup to a C-cup recently” when the first one deemed her “before” pics as an A-cup size. Of course, the notion of judging Swift from pictures is utterly ridiculous.

Perhaps even more ridiculous is that the webloid ends by asking, “Do you think that Taylor Swift should increase her breast size even more?” Enough. Here’s what really going on: Just like MediaTakeOut, which wrongly claimed on Thursday that Swift had a butt augmentation done, outlets are trying to capitalize on the extra attention surrounding Swift due to her breakup and apparent new relationship.

So that entails manufacturing sensational angles, and, as RadarOnline did, exploiting traffic potential by creating photo galleries that readers must click through if they want to get full story. But it’s not the TRUE story. The site has run false boob job stories about Kendall Jenner, Rosario Dawson, and even Ellen DeGeneres. This new Swift one is similarly inaccurate.

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Taylor Swift has had a boob job.

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