Taylor Swift Did NOT Bring 10 Bodyguards To Grammys Party, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Bodyguard Grammys

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift Bodyguard Grammys

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Taylor Swift did not go to a Grammys party with 10 bodyguards, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the claim. We’re told it’s absurdly “wrong.”

According to Life & Style, Swift “turned up at The Weeknd’s Grammy afterparty in LA’s Hollywood Hills with a whopping 10 bodyguards in tow.” The tabloid then quotes a so-called “fellow reveler” as saying, “Everyone was relaxed and having a great time until Taylor came in at 2 a.m.,” noting, “Her bodyguards pushed everyone aside so her entourage could get through.”

The “reveler” claims Swift and boyfriend Calvin Harris sat right in the middle of the party and “were all over each other.” And while they supposedly “made a scene, she didn’t want anyone capturing it on video,” says the tabloid. The seemingly bogus source further alleges, “Anyone holding a phone near her got harassed by her bodyguards. They were downright rude, putting their hands in people’s faces and grabbing people’s phones.” “Why Taylor’s people felt like they had the right to confiscate other people’s property, especially when it wasn’t even her party, is beyond me,” adds the outlet’s dubious source.

The tabloid claims The Weeknd and Justin Bieber didn’t have bodyguards while hanging out at the party. “Only Taylor was putting up a wall of people around her,” alleges the “reveler.”

Gossip Cop would like to know how much the “reveler” might have drank that night, because the tabloid’s source wasn’t even seeing double, he or she was seeing 10 times as much. Gossip Cop had a number of pals at the party, which was actually a GQ bash, and some of our friends connected to the magazine assure us Swift, like Bieber, had only one bodyguard who accompanied her into the packed party that ultimately was shut down by the LAPD. Additionally, we’re told no one had their phones taken by Swift’s bodyguard. One impeccable source tells Gossip Cop the outlet’s claims are all “wrong.”

Of course, Life & Style doesn’t have a particularly good track record when it comes to reporting on Swift. Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it falsely claimed Swift made changes with her squad, and replaced Selena Gomez with Blake Lively. To this day, Gomez and Swift still remain the closest of friends. Gossip Cop also recently shot down a fabricated story from the magazine that alleged Swift uses an app to “avoid awkward run-ins” with Harry Styles. Much like those the aforementioned tall tales, the current made-up claim about Swift rolling with 10 “rude” bodyguards is similarly untrue.


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