A new report claiming to know how Taylor Swift is going to spend her birthday with Joe Alwyn is completely made-up. Gossip Cop can correct this fabrication, which was posted by the serial fibbers at HollywoodLife. We're told no one from the singer's camp shared any information about her birthday with the untrustworthy website.

The often discredited outlet exclaims in a headline, "Taylor Swift's Boyfriend Joe Alwyn Planning Epic Surprise Romantic Dinner & Intimate Night In Hotel." The article then pretends that it has exclusively learned Alwyn is "giving the gift of love and romance" to Swift on her 28th birthday. To lend credence to its manufactured report, a so-called "source" is quoted as saying, "Joe is planning a surprise romantic dinner and an intimate night alone with Taylor at a luxury hotel suite" to celebrate her birthday. "Joe can't wait to surprise Taylor with a passionate evening with just the two of them," adds the supposed insider. Of course, the bigger surprise would be if Alwyn was preparing a "passionate evening" with more than "just the two of them."

Kidding aside, the aptly nicknamed HollywoodLies proceeds to fill out the remainder of its speculative article with fake details about Swift's alleged birthday surprise. "Joe has ordered dozens of red roses for their suite, several bottles of champagne and he is having a private chef who will cook them dinner and recreate one of her favorite dishes as part of their meal," alleges the outlet's seemingly made-up "insider." What's more, the site's highly suspect "source" even claims the British actor had a "diamond pendant" made for the singer with jewels that "form the shape of the number 13, her favorite number and the date of her birthday."

In which city and at what hotel will this all supposedly take place? And what's her "favorite" dish that the unnamed chef will prepare? Of course, HollywoodLies doesn't mention any of that because its story is all fabricated. Also, does anyone believe Swift and Alwyn drink "several bottles of champagne" between the two of them when celebrating? And if these purported plans really were a "surprise," why would someone leak that and ruin the "surprise" element?

As Gossip Cop noted above, no one legitimately close to either star shares any information with HollywoodLies. Simply, Wednesday is Swift's birthday, and the website was just looking for an angle to mark the occasion, so it concocted one. The outlet repeatedly manufactures articles around events, and generally gets nailed afterwards for lying.

For instance, Gossip Cop exposed the blog earlier this year when it untruthfully claimed that Swift planned to debut her romance with Alwyn at a Fourth of July party. What happened there was, Swift usually throws an Independence Day party, and so the fan-fiction writers at HollywoodLife made-up a fake news story in advance about her proposed bash and how her new boyfriend then would be there. But there was no party. And clearly there was no real Swift or Alwyn "source" then, nor is there one now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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