Taylor Swift Got “No Love” From “Girl Squad” On Birthday?

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Taylor Swift Birthday Squad

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Birthday Squad

(Ruby Rose/Instagram)

Taylor Swift got “no love from her former girl squad on her birthday,” according to a completely untrue report. It’s actually rather bizarre that a tabloid is making these claims when they’re so patently false and easily disputed. Allow Gossip Cop to explain what’s going on.

On its website, OK! claims only Karlie Kloss acknowledged the superstar’s birthday and none of her other famous friends did. The gossip magazine contends, “Taylor Swift still has a friend from the girl squad! While the singer used to have basically every popular beauty by her side, including the Hadid sisters, Lily Aldridge, and Serena Williams, she’s been riding solo lately, basically since her split from Tom Hiddleston.” The outlet then asserts, “But Karlie Kloss came to the rescue to wish happy birthday to the singer with a cute selfie snap.”

After then regurgitating its made-up claims from September about Kendall Jenner supposedly banning their mutual friends from listening to Swift’s music, the publication adds, “But at least Karlie still is backing Taylor, even if everyone else is remaining silent on her birthday. Looks like Taylor is going to have to find some new A-list pals!” Uh, it’s more like OK! needs to find some new reporters as its story is provably off-base.

Two people even mentioned as among those who are no longer close with Swift actually DID post about her birthday on social media. Alridge shared a photo of her daughter lounging with the singer, writing on Instagram, “We love you So So So So So Soooo MUCH!!! Happy Birthday @taylorswift!!!!!” And Gigi Hadid, who spent roughly a week offline due to phone issues, assured fans on Twitter, “I get a social media late-pass cause I’m traveling & have no pics on my new phone,” adding, “u know she got the love irl.”

In addition, Ruby Rose posted the above Instagram photo in honor of Swift’s special day, captioning it, “Happy birthday magical unicorn!!!” Furthermore, multiple places reported on Selena Gomez sharing a touching video message for Swift’s birthday. That’s not all. The performer also received birthday shout-outs on social media from other friends like Lily Donaldson, Martha Hunt, Cara Delevingne, Camila Cabello, Jaime King and the Haim sisters, among others.

In fact, Elle even rounded up all of Swift’s birthday posts. So, in what world did she not get “love from her girl squad on her birthday”? It must be some alternative universe, perhaps the same one that led the tabloid to falsely claim Swift was pregnant more than a year ago.

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