Taylor Swift, Ben Affleck Dating Report NOT True

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Taylor Swift Ben Affleck Dating

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Ben Affleck Dating

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Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck are NOT about to start dating, despite a tabloid report wrongly claiming they’re embarking on a romance. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

A headline in the new edition of In Touch announces, “Taylor Sets Her Sights On Ben.” It’s further said, “A new Love Story? Taylor Swift rebounds with Ben Affleck.” According to the article, Swift “made a major impression” on Affleck when they met backstage last year at a “1989 World Tour” concert, where he was “totally blown away by Taylor’s beauty and charming personality.”

“After the show, Ben asked his Suicide Squad co-star Cara Delevingne to put them in touch,” a so-called “source” tells the magazine, which claims “the pair soon struck up a friendship.” The supposed snitch goes on to allege, “It started off as innocent texts, but those messages have become much more flirtatious, especially after Taylor split from Tom [Hiddleston]. She’s made it clear to Ben that she’s interested — and Taylor always gets what she wants.”

Notes the outlet, “She’s hoping to turn their friendship into a full-blown romance.” And it’s said that “Ben is on board, even though he still isn’t divorced from Jennifer Garner.” Adds the alleged tipster, “He’s had a crush on Taylor since they first met and feels like they have a real connection… He’s slowly paving a way for a romance.”

And yet late last month, In Touch alleged Jennifer Lopez was being pushed to reunite with Affleck, and then just last week the magazine claimed Affleck’s own mother was urging Garner to get back together with him. What’s changed in the days since? Nothing, except for the fact that the actor recently mentioned Swift in an interview, recounting how happy his daughters were to meet her.

Because of those brief comments, the tabloid now crafted an entire relationship story about the two stars. But it’s complete fiction. Or, as Gossip Cop was exclusively told, “It’s total B.S.” In fact, we confirmed with multiple contacts that this Swift-Affleck story was manufactured, and one even laughed when we brought it up. Taylen or Baylor is NOT happening.

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