Taylor Swift “Out Of The Woods” Behind-The-Scenes Video: Watch Footage!

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Taylor Swift Out Of Woods Behind Scenes

By Andrew Shuster |

Taylor Swift Out Of Woods Behind Scenes


Taylor Swift shared a behind-the-scenes video on Tuesday from the making of her latest music video, “Out of the Woods.” Watch below to see how the singer filmed in the desert, on a rocky cliff, atop a glacier, in a swamp, and of course, running out of a wooded forest.

“Out of the Woods” was filmed in New Zealand last year, both on location in some of the aforementioned places, as well as on a massive soundstage. The behind-the-scenes video opens with Swift on what she describes as “the most beautiful beach I’ve ever been on in my life.” She adds that making the video is “so surreal, noting, “Everybody is just freaking out about it.”

For the scene in which Swift swims under the ocean, director Joseph Kahn reveals, “We did that in a swimming pool.” The filmmaker goes on to note, “The entire video is Taylor suffering through an emotional landscape of trees, and forest, and snow, and water. All that is a metaphor, but it’s been done on location.”

We also see Swift on an elaborate soundstage made to look like a snowy forest. But despite her frosty-looking getup, Swift reveals, “This dress that I’m wearing has been dipped in wax” to make it appear as if she’s “been frozen.” The singer adds, “Ironically, of all the sets we’ve [been on], this has been the least cold one. How that works, I don’t know.”

Swift actually admits that the mud she has to crawl through in a different scene is “like ice.” And at one point during an outdoors shoot, Swift points out a helicopter filled with paparazzi flying overhead, and reveals that the set’s location was leaked. As Gossip Cop reported at the time, the music video premiered on New Year’s Eve. Check out the making of “Out of the Woods” below to find out more BTS secrets!


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