Taylor Swift Banning Photos In Restaurant Claim Is NOT True

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Taylor Swift photos restaurant

By Michael Lewittes |

Taylor Swift photos restaurant

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Taylor Swift did not ban photos in a restaurant while she ate, despite a fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this tall tale. We’re told the story is completely “untrue.”

According to Life & Style, Swift has a “crazy no-photo policy.” The tabloid alleges Swift recently went to a Beverly Hills restaurant and had every diner banned form taking pictures. A so-called “witness” tells the magazine, “Taylor was out to dinner with a friend, and she had a strict no-photos policy for everyone in the restaurant.”

The outlet’s seemingly made-up “witness” notes that patrons couldn’t even “take pics of themselves.” “Taylor’s bodyguard stood in the corner of the restaurant where he could watch everywhere,” claims the tabloid’s source, adding, “If anyone tried to take a photo, he immediately shut them down.” The magazine’s questionable source further alleges that when other diners complained, the restaurant’s manager “had to take care of a few bills.”

Interestingly, the tabloid neglects to mention a few very key specifics, including when this supposedly took place and at which restaurant it allegedly occurred. A skeptic might argue that the magazine didn’t provide these basic details because it possibly fabricated the entire story. Gossip Cop would have liked to have called the phantom restaurant to fact-check the publication’s allegations.

In any event, Gossip Cop checked in with a Swift insider and we are exclusively assured the tabloid’s report is “untrue.” Sadly, we’re not surprised. Gossip Cop has busted Life & Style on several occasions for publishing wrong and wholly manufactured stories about Swift. Among the claims seemingly made-up by the magazine include Swift having an app to “avoid awkward run-ins” with Harry Styles, replacing Selena Gomez in her squad with Blake Lively, and bringing 10 bodyguards who confiscated phones at a Grammy party sponsored by GQ. Much like those accounts, the latest flimsy “no-photo policy” report has no accuracy to it.

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