Taylor Swift Backup Dancer Breaks Down Crying After Telling Mom He Was Chosen For 1989 World Tour — WATCH VIDEO!

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Taylor Swift Backup Dancer Crying Video

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Backup Dancer Crying Video


Taylor Swift shared a moving video of one of her new backup dancers breaking down in tears after he tells his mother that he will be on her upcoming “1989” tour. Check out the video below!

In the nearly 5-minute clip, dancer Robert Green first tells his mom that he has news, prompting her to excitedly yell, “What?! What?!” As soon as he says, “I booked a world tour,” Green’s mother begins screaming. And we mean SCREAMING! The reaction prompts Green to burst into tears, telling his mom, “I know!” As his mother also sobs, she cries out, “I’m so happy for you! I’m so proud of you!”

Green goes on to tell his mom that he was just called with the news, one day after his secret audition, and she tells him that recent trying experiences he had was just a “test.” “This is just the beginning,” she says. “Oh my god, Robert!” There’s a lot more crying after that, and some joyous laughs, too. Green amusingly tells his mom, “We can’t even carry on a conversation right now because you’re hysterical, but I love it!”

Swift tweeted out the emotional video, writing, “I feel so lucky to get to perform alongside people who love it this much.” Touched by her message, Green replied, “Thank you for sharing this Taylor! Means so much to me! Can’t wait to perform with you this year!”

Earlier this week, Swift also shared the Instagram photo seen above, featuring Green and her other backup dancers. Last fall, Gossip Cop exclusively corrected a tabloid story that falsely claimed Swift was firing her male dancers to save money, and planned to create an “all-girl stage show.” Clearly, we were right. The “1989 World Tour” kicks off next week in Tokyo, with dates scheduled around the globe through December. Watch the video of Green below!


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