Taylor Swift NOT “Horrified” Over “Backlash,” Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Backlash Look What You Made Me Do

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Backlash Look What You Made Me Do

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Taylor Swift is not “horrified” over the supposed “backlash” against her, despite a sensational report that amounts to little more than a hit piece. The story is tied to “Look What You Made Me Do,” but misrepresents a number of key points. Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

The headline from RadarOnline blares on Friday, “Backlash! Taylor ‘Horrified’ By Response To Kimye Diss.” According to the mean-spirited and inaccurate article, Swift is “fast wearing out her Hollywood welcome” and “the pop singer has since become ‘horrified’ by the backlash she’s received from her latest publicity stunt through a Kimye diss track.” A so-called “industry insider” is quoted as saying, “Mostly people are just sick of her blatant grabs for attention and just rolled their eyes.”

“Where does it stop?” a purported “pal close to the situation” asks in the site’s article. “First she kisses and tells about every celebrity she’s ever dated, then she sets up obviously fake relationships to get press, and now this. Where does it end?” But all of those claims are easily disputed. If people are “just sick” of Swift, then “Look What You Made Me Do” wouldn’t have broken streaming, Vevo and YouTube records. And on the same day this tale was published, it was announced that the song is Swift’s first-ever number-one on the UK Singles Chart.

Additionally, the assertion that Swift “kisses and tells” is applicable to virtually every singer-songwriter who pens original tunes about relationships, and there’s been no real evidence that her romances are “obviously fake.” But the webloid goes on to offer more, well, fake claims, such as alleging, “There’s a real backlash against the singer now, which is why you don’t see her surrounded by famous friends anymore.” Swift hasn’t been seen with “famous friends” because she hasn’t stepped out publicly in months and months. But on social media, celebrity pals ranging from Ed Sheeran to Ruby Rose have posted about their support for her and “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Still, the outlet’s “snitch” maintains, “Taylor is horrified by the response – there’s just been one backlash against her after another recently.” But again, this supposed “backlash” is being blown out of proportion. The superstar’s new music is quite successful and she still has the support of her famous pals, contrary to these contentions. What’s more is that the online publication ends its piece by contradicting its own prior reporting. The webloid insists that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West “couldn’t care less about Swift’s vengeful new video,” despite claiming just days ago that Kardashian was “ready to battle” her.

If RadarOnline really had the sources its purports, it wouldn’t be inconsistent with its “reporting” on this subject, nor would it have gotten so much wrong with the allegations in this needlessly cruel story. Meanwhile, Gossip Cop is assured that Swift is pleased with the response to “Look What You Made Me Do” and continuing with her album launch plans. No one close to her has told the site that she’s “horrified” or accurately represented the situation.

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