Taylor Swift, Harry Styles NOT Getting Back Together, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Harry Styles Back Together

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Taylor Swift Harry Styles Back Together

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Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are not getting back together, contrary to a widespread report. Gossip Cop can exclusively put the brakes on this false tale, which originated in Australia and is now making waves here in the United States. That’s how far fake news can spread.

According to the Australian tabloid New Weekly, also known as NW, “Four years on, Haylor are older, wiser… and ready to give their love another shot!” The gossip magazine alleges Styles and Swift recently had a “super-secret meet-up in Nashville,” which confirmed the “spark” between them is “still there.” A so-called “insider” supposedly “close” to Swift claims she always “secretly hoped” they’d reunite, and believes Styles has now “matured” into the “man she needs.”

And their mutual pal Ed Sheeran is credited for by the publication for bringing “them back together” as their would-be “cupid.” Claims the outlet’s supposed source, “He was only too happy to help.” As for Styles, the tabloid contends he didn’t need “much convincing,” anyway. As proof, NW points to speculation songs on his upcoming solo album are about Swift, and quotes from Styles’ Rolling Stone interview, in which he spoke about their relationship.

That’s evidence all right… evidence of just why the tabloid suddenly ran this story. Much like the gossip magazines here in the U.S. do, NW took a kernel of truth (Styles recently talking about Swift) and built a whole narrative around it (they’re “hanging out on the down-low” and “getting back together”). The timing is just a wee bit suspicious, no?

Another red flag, of course, is that this Australian publication wants readers to believe it has a source “close” to Swift. Let’s be clear: Should she and Styles ever one day actually decide to reunite, it won’t be a tabloid from Down Under breaking the news with anonymous sources. So, all that said, are Swift and Styles actually giving it another go right now?

Absolutely not, Gossip Cop is told by one of our impeccable contacts, who exclusively tells us the article is “B.S.” And, we’ve confirmed, the exes haven’t had any secret rendezvous in Nashville, either. But if you’re still not convinced, we again ask you to consider the original source. NW is the same outlet that falsely claimed in a 2014 cover story that Swift and Styles were back together, a made-up tale that similarly alleged the songstress was happy he’d “matured.” It’s also the same tabloid that wrongly announced months before that that Styles was a “dad at 20.” Now we rest our case.