How Taylor Swift Really Feels About Baby Talk Rumors

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Tayior Swift Baby names

By Michael Lewittes |

Tayior Swift Baby names


Taylor Swift is “rolling her eyes” over a report claiming she and Calvin Harris are picking out baby names. Gossip Cop is told not only is the story completely fabricated but the singer is also “so tired of the lies.”

On Saturday, HollywoodLife posted a completely manufactured story that claims Harris and Taylor spend their free time coming up with baby names, should they have kids down the road. The webloid, which has been repeatedly busted for making up stories about Swift, says in its latest piece of creative writing that Swift would like to name her future daughter Rose and a prospective son Hunter.

An impeccable source exclusively tells Gossip Cop, Taylor’s “rolling her eyes” about all the made-up stories about her and Harris, including the latest baby names nonsense. Our insider says Swift is “so tired of the lies,” and “not surprised anymore” by the site’s phony stories.

Gossip Cop, of course, is not surprised either by any of this. Remember, Gossip Cop has caught HollywoodLies making up a slew of stories about Swift, including manufacturing a fake feud between her and her friend Selena Gomez and “reporting” that she was getting back together with Harry Styles. The site was famously nailed by Gossip Cop for fabricating a tall tale about Styles sending Swift 1,989 roses after the release of her album 1989. Even Styles said the HollywoodLife story was a lie.

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Taylor Swift is already picking out baby names.


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